Mapa - dopravná dostupnosť

Basic facts about the destination:

  • TRNAVA region: touristic destination with the centre - town of Trnava and surrounding villages
  • Destination locality:  west Slovakia
  • Town of Trnava: krajské a študentské mesto

Transport accessibility:

  • By car: 3 km from hoghway D1 – Bratislava - Trnava - Trenčín - Žilina - Poprad - Prešov - Košice and direct connection to limited-access highway R1 - Trnava - Nitra - Zvolen - Banská Bystrica
  • By train: newly reconstructed train station in Trnava (2014), express train and InterCity stops
  • By plane: 45 km from M.R.Štefánik Airport (Bratislava Airport)

TOP attractions of this destination

  • Trnava – Little/ Slovak Rome, pilgrimage place, historical town centre –  town conservation area, the best preserved town walls in Slovakia
  • Region of world wines - there is a concentration of the best Slovak wineries reputable in the whole world in Trnava, historical wine making tradition in the town and surroundings, Trnava - "town below a town" - a maze of medieval wine cellars, often even two floor cellars, where the wine was transported by carriages
  • Smolenice - Pearl of Little Carpathians and Smolenice Castle in the French style like Loire castles
  • Birthplace of significant personalities:  Charles IV., Ludwig van Beethoven, Ján Sambucus, Dopjer brothers (DoBro), Alfréd Wetzler, Štefan Banič, Mikuláš Schneider Trnavský.

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