APIMED company, based on a family tradition, has dealt with mead production and honey processing for twenty years already. Its technological plant and stylish representative rooms have their seat in the village of Dolná Krupá, where you have the possibility to taste the oldest drink in the world known by ancient Greeks and Romans.

APIMED nowdays runs two own brand shops. Eight sorts of mead, bee honey in usual and also gift packages, nutritional supplements of pollen, honey and royal jelly, cosmetics on the base of bee products, candles of beeswax, propolis salves and tinctures.

Mead and its originality
Mead is considered to be an Old Slavic drink. Our ancestors were drinking mead at important occasions, so we can conclude that they attached it an original and festive character. The mead is a natural light drink with a heady taste and fine honey bouquet with alcohol volume 12 – 14%.

In one litre of APIMED mead there is 0.5 kg of honey. The mead with such a high concentration of honey works not only like magic on health but is also considered to be love potion for its aphrodisiac effects. It is not just a typical "winter" drink. It has found its use in gastronomy where it is delicious in combination with various types of cheese or desserts.

Philosophy - Wine with a Honey Soul
The basic philosophy of honey production has its base in differentiation of honey sort which determines the character of future mead. Modern technology allows the production management in a way that the mead keeps precious taste and bouquet attributes of a particular honey. This makes a sensual experience.

Apimed is successful also in international setting. It belongs to the most awarded meaderies also at two prestige worldwide competitions Apimondia and Mazer Cup.

Experience degustation events and tours

Mead is predestined to take a position of a typical Slovak celebratory drink. It is a delicious aperitif and also a suitable supplement of various mixed drinks. Mead goes well with duck or goose liver or with duck or goose breast and lokše. It is served to salt ham and sweeter kinds of cheese. It goes well with desserts, mainly with chocolate, nut and fruit ones.
This honey experience is waiting for you in a form of a guided degustation directly at the company address. You ltaste minimal 6 mead sorts of APIMED company and have a look into the production rooms where this delicious drink gets through a difficult production procedure. One hour degustation events are suitable for groups from 10 to 36 persons. You can have some refreshment in form of cold cheese or ham dishes. After presentation of products you can visit the company shop and buy a sweet souvenir full of honey.

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Hlavná 578/119, 919 65  Dolná Krupá
Tel.: 033 / 557 75 46

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Maximal number of guests for a guided degustation: 50 persons* (main tasting room Ambrozianum), 22 persons (tasting cellar)
Optimal number of guests for a guided degustation: 20 persons*
*Numbers are informative - they can be changed depending on customer's requests.
Restaurant: yes (70 chairs)        
Gastronomic services: cheese plate, bread and meadjellies specialties

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