Degustations are held in a stone cellar or outside in the shadow of two hundred years old chestnuts, depending on weather or customer's wish. One of the Magula family members attends to you and reveals the secrets and pitfalls related to natural wine production.

The family viniculture and winery MAGULA produces natural wines out of grapes grown in their own vineyards and they approach the wine production with respect, humility and people and environment liability. Magula family are at the beginning of exploring options when producing natural wine, but you can taste handcraft wines with an apt description „unplugged“, produced without machine technology, handmade or barefoot made. Or you can taste orange wine and wines without sulphur dioxide addition.

František Hečko described uniquely the magical setting in Rose and Wolf Valley in his epic Red Wine. Even today you can feel this magic in the stone cellar hidden at the top between these picturesque valley, in the shadow of two hundred years old chestnuts or in the middle of romantic vineyards. Relax at the place where Genius Loci is still present.

Experience Degustation and Winery Tours

During the degustation in the stone cellar with capacity of 30 persons you soak up the unrepeatable atmosphere of maturing wine. The pleasant atmosphere prevails here whole year round and the temperature chills in the summer and warms up agreeably in the winter. The best way to feel the spirit of this place is in the shadow at the chestnuts at the wooden table for 15 persons. You can also admire the view of Carpathian chain.

In harmony with Hečko tradition, Magula family specialize in red wine production. Their frankovka blue 2011 was brought to professional public notice in 2013 already, after it won some golden medals in home and international competitions. You can taste the traditional sort Portugais Bleu in three forms: classic red wine one year matured  in oak barrels, elegant barrique wine matured two years in new oak barrels and innovative "carbonique" wine made just within two months through carbon maceration.

Except for red wines you can also taste fresh rose wine Rose Wolf (connecting grapes from Rose and Wolf Valley), piquant Veltliner and spicy Welsch. Both white wines matured in fine yeast sediments that gave them full and interesting taste and flavour.

In autumn, they offer you within the degustation roasted chestnuts from their own growing, one of the biggest in Slovakia.

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MAGULA Family winary
Suchá nad Parnou 586
Tel.: +421/ (0)905 645 520

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Maximal number of guests during a degustation: 30 persons*
Optimal number of guests during a degustation: 15 persons*
* Numbers of guests are informative - they can change in accordance to client's requests.
Large capacity tent:  yes
Restaurant: no      
Gastronomic services: tasting bite, roasted chestnuts during the season, catering (booking required)

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