You can make your business meeting more pleasant in the rooms of the "Winery of the year" 2013 and 2010 at a degustation of quality wines and excursion through production and company's cellars.

The wine selection is composed of exclusive quality wines with attribute, quality varietal wines and branded wines made from 15 preferred grape varieties. Success at renowned competitions proves the prestige of the winery that belongs to Slovak top wineries since its beginning. They have won more than 300 medals and prizes at international and home competitions for 19 years of their existence.

Who has tasted "them" already...

Thanks to the achievements at various international competitions the company helps to represent Slovakia as country that is thanks to its excellent wines able to compete with famous wine-growing regions.  And it is no surprise - VÍNO MRVA & STANKO wines were tasted by British, Swedish and Spanish royal couples, president of the USA George Bush, president of Russian federation Vladimir Putin and UN secretary-general Kofi Anan.

Experience degustation and winery tours

An attractive cellar with the capacity up to 26 persons and with a view of a barrique cellar brings the degustation exactly at that place where wine is maturing. It is resting here in barrique barrels and in stainless tanks waiting for the bottling.

There is a stylish rotunda in the winery underground for 8 people. A client wine archive belongs to it. It has optimal conditions for wine maturing and degustation in a memorable environment.

An old degustation room with the capacity up to 25 persons offers an intimate atmosphere for wine degustation.

An experienced sommelier guides you through the degustation in English or German language. They will be happy to oblige your individual preferences when choosing the wine for you.

You have also more alternatives of refreshments for the degustation such as cold dishes, served menu, grilled ribs or roasted pig.

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Orešianska 7/A, 917 01 Trnava
Tel.: +421/ (0)33/ 59 147 14

More information

Maximal number of guests during a degustation: 120 persons* (flexible division into smaller groups, whereas each group is guided by a sommelier)
Optimal number of guests during a degustation: 25 persons*
* Numbers of guests are informative - they can change in accordance to client's requests.

Restaurant: no
Gastronomic services: to order (coffee break, cold dishes, served menu, buffet tables)

Guidance in languages: EN | DE | SK

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