A family winery surrounded by a beautiful green vineyard. Guided degustation events take place in a modern building surrounded by vineyards where the visitor can see where the wine comes from and where it is maturing. The building of the winery and its stylish look emphasize the unique atmosphere of this place.

Terra Parna is specialized in the sort Blauer Portugieser. Its historical roots in this region go back to the seventeenth century. Zvolenský family has followed the tradition and plated this famous sort in their vineyards.

A typical symbol of the winery is a tower in the middle of the vineyards. It was built by Jesuits who were active in this region and cultivating this vineyard. The Zvolenský family reconstructed this tower and placed a monumental stone table next to it.

Experience degustation and winery tours

Enjoy the degustation of splendid wine and a friendly chat with Mr. Zvolenský - owner of the winery, or with master of the cellar in a glass degustation room with a view of the vineyard. In summer months, the degustation usually takes place at the vineyard under the tower, at a massive stone table with a well-tended lawn.

Naturally, the degustation includes refreshments in form of cheese, smoked meat and famous „mom’s“ pork cracklings paste. In case of your interest you can use also professional catering service.

For those who are interested in production processes and areas, where the wine patiently matures, a tour through the winery is prepared. Winery tours are a traditional part of every degustation.

The degustation with the tour is suitable for groups up to 50 people. During summer season it is possible to organize the event in open space in a large capacity tent and get lost in the magic atmosphere of vineyards.

Taste wines in the most romantic place of the region!

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Ružová Dolina 528, Suchá nad Parnou
Tel.: +421 907 894 371

More information

Maximal number of guests during a degustation: 50 persons* (flexible division into smaller groups, whereas each group is guided by a sommelier)
Optimal number of guests during a degustation: 25 persons*
* Numbers of guests are informative - they can change in accordance to client's requests.
Large capacity tent:  as requested
Restaurant: no                                       
Gastronomic services: coffee break, cold dishes, catering (booking required)

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