This small family winery follows the one hundred year old tradition of its ancestors. With respect to original values the winery produces authentic wine from its own cellars located in the village estate Doľany. A great experience is not only the degustation itself, but also the tour through the original water mill.

The old mill, built in the 16th century and owned by count Pálfy of Červený Kameň (Red Stone), offers a fairy tale atmosphere. Current owners - the Demovič family - have rebuilt the old mill and now successfully produce authentic wines with the taste of terroir. They're not modified during the production process and they develop their potential thanks to a natural maturing without acceleration process.

Magic of the Charming Mill

Beside the traditional mill technology, about which you can learn from the narrative of Mr. Ervín Demovič, you can also find a folk room from the 19th century. If you wonder how exactly the flour was ground in the past, then you can be glad to hear that every degustation includes a tour of technologies, such as raceway and filling technologies. You will never forget the atmosphere of this place!

The winery organizes several cheerful events in its hundred year barn like Pig Slaughter at the Mill, St. Urban's Open Wine Cellars Day or Advent at the Mill.

In 2010, the winery gained „Exemplary reconstruction prize“ for its sensible approach to its reconstruction, which is awarded by Academia Istropolitana Nova.

Experience degustation and winery tours

Degustation events take place in a historical mill room (up to 20 persons) or in bad weather in hundred year barn (up to 50 persons). The degustation of wines, which are selected in accordance with the current season, is guided by sommelier Tomáš Sóos. Local specialities, homemade spreads, cheese and smoked meat are a must.

Or if you wish to try something else, rich duck feast with homemade "lokše" is a great alternative. In that case you will be seated in a folkish style room where you can taste famous "farmer's roast duck". Besides that, you find in the offer also other delicacies, for example game goulash, roasted game, roasted ribs. Some of them are made directly in the oven in the mill.

Duck feast
  • Mill tour
  • wine degustation with a small refreshment
  • roasted duck, homemade "lokše", stewed cabbage, sour plate, dessert, unlimited consumption of barrel wine
  • Duration: ca 4 hours

  • Mill tour
  • wine degustation with a small refreshment
  • pig-slaughter specialities (possibility to join the cook)
  • unlimited consumption of fresh pig-slaughter products: roasted white pudding, roasted black pudding, pig-slaughter  pudding, boiled cabbage, cracklings, roasted meat, brawn, nut and poppy cakes, hot herbal tea
  • unlimited consumption of barrel and hot wine
  • Duration: cca 6 hours

Proven recipes of grand moms and fresh ingredients mostly from local suppliers give the food its special taste.  Delicious wine, homemade delicacies, family atmosphere and historical rooms of the mill are the reasons why many guests come back.

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Doľany 64, 900 88 Doľany
Tel.: +421 903 935 525

More information

Maximum number of guests for a degustation: 50 persons* (operative division into groups; every group is supervised by a sommelier)
Optimal number of guests for a degustation: 25 persons*
*Numbers are informative - they can be changed depending on customer's requests.
Restaurant: no
Gastronomic services: to order (coffee break, cold dishes, duck feast, pig-slaughtering specialities, game dishes)
Guidance in following languages: SK | EN

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